So, you want to change the world?

We match young people with opportunities to make a difference and build tangible professional skills.

Make a difference. Build real skills.

Do you want to make a difference in your local community, globally or both?! 

But don't know how or where to start? 

Project Lantern is launching a FREE opportunities platform to connect you with opportunities to make an impact but also build real skills.

Volunteering Positions, Leadership Programs, Competitions, Scholarships, Incubators and more...





Social Enterprise 101, Fundraising Tools, Activism Toolkit, Building A Social Media Campaign for Change and more...

Workshops, Speaker Events, Summits, Conferences, Mixers and more...

Peer and Industry Mentors to guide you on your Impact Journey

We want to understand the issues you care about, skills you want to develop and availability so we can match you with the best opportunities that fit you.


We’ll find the perfect opportunities, resources and possibly mentors for you based on our initial call (we'll get back to you in a week's time or less)


We’ll  check in 2-3 weeks later to see how you went and gather some feedback to improve our matching process.


Initial 30-Minute Phone Call

The Beta Process

Matching Opportunities

10-Minute Check-In

WTF is Project Lantern?

Project Lantern is a youth-led organisation on a mission to engage, enable and support young people across the globe in creating real social change. 

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Our Previous Work

A fortnightly podcast about young people trying to 'change the world'​ and trying to understand what that actually means.


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Project Lantern connects young people with opportunities, resources and mentors to make a difference and build real skills